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Come explore our past and browse through our first two years on the web! Our Archives features our original Screening Room commentaries as well as our Hollywood Hucksters series from 2007. We’ve also been archiving our popular Trailer Takes reviews since May of 2008 and our archive now features 148 past reviews with even more  debuting soon. Click the logo above or one of the posters below and enjoy. 

The Moviedozer archives of trailer reviews will remain available for the remainder of 2010 by simply clicking in the menu bar or on the Moviedozer logo above.

Moviedozer has closed its pages to allow our parent company, SparxLab Projects, to refocus on creating original television & movie content. We have left behind links to our archive of past trailer reviews. If you are interested in following our new initiatives at SparxLab, we will be adding links to this page in the near future.

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